The Stoic Traveler

"Wherever I go, it will be well with me."

28 June 2007

Where have you gone Andrew Carnegie?

L.A.S s.d. C.L.:

I read the news for the same reason I go to the gym: to get my heart pumping in the morning.

I practice philosophy to keep the news from killing me.

I sit here now watching one of the interminable Democratic debates, and I am moved to this question: what happened to Carnegie and Morgan? to Fiske and Gould? What happened to people that took pride in their accomplishments? That enjoy the fruits of their labor and inspire others to similar achievements?

The Democratic candidates keep referring to Warren Buffett as a great, patriotic American. Why? Because he wants to pay more taxes. He made $49 million last year. And paid only about 17% of that in taxes. He wants to pay more.

Why doesn't he? I would seriously like to know why he does not write another check to the government, nobody's stopping him and I'm sure there's a program for retired testing monkeys somewhere that could use the funds.

How queer is it when the richest men in the world seem ashamed, embarrassed by their money?