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08 November 2007

Jawohl Mein Fu--Mr. President!

L.A.S. s.d. C.L.:

My most favoritest person in the world, Dr. James Dobson, seems to want to cause trouble again:

"He is the leader of the evangelical and social conservative movement in America, and he's going to reassert that position and leave no doubt that he's in charge," says the adviser based in Colorado.

The Leader is going to reassert his position, and leave no doubt as to his authority by endorsing Mike Huckabee for President.
It is entirely possible that Gov. Huckabee of Arkansas is a fine man, an upstanding Christian, even a good governor. I have nothing against Mike Huckabee. I would warn him against seeking endorsements from avowed theocratic authoritarians.
Before I go further, I should point out, in the interest of fairness, that Dr. Dobson has done quite a lot of good in his life. His work with families is really great, his ministry is excellent. When he gets political, he frightens me. Terrifies me, in fact.
Dr. Dobson wants power and does not seem to care how he uses it. He has a sanctified mindset that equates all victories with the benevolence of God, and all defeats as the result of God’s wrath. Every institution of man has been ordained by God for man’s benefit. The insistent language of his advisor (e.g., “the leader,” “reassert,” and “in charge”) indicates that Dobson believes he has been wronged, and that he will reclaim what is rightfully his here on earth in the 2008 Presidential election. Engaging in a bit of remote psychoanalysis, the 21st century’s favorite parlor game, I might even suggest that Dobson sees his irrelevance to the ’08 campaign thus far as indicative of God’s displeasure.
Of further concern is the idea of Dobson being “the” evangelical leader. It is, of course, utterly impossible that there be multiple leaders of the evangelical movement. Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell don’t enter into it. There can be only One. It does sound vaguely familiar.

Leaving aside the faint sound of leather riding boots and clipped German echoing from Colorado Springs, I could have sworn evangelical Christians in the United States, or anywhere for that matter, already had a leader. Granted, He’s not really disposed right now to endorse political candidates in person, probably a bit busy redeeming mankind and explicitly avoiding political disputes.