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06 May 2008

History Lesson I

L.A.S. s.d. C.L.:

I received word earlier today that DNC Chairman Howard Dean has claimed Sen. John McCain is stuck in the 1940s.

It seems that those who do not know their history are condemned to have George Santayana quoted at them forever. Gov. Dean seems to have forgotten that the father of the modern Democratic coalition, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his successor, Harry Truman, were both presidents in the 1940s.

Further, as the spokesman said:
"Governor Dean was saying that while our candidates are talking about America's future, John McCain is talking about continuing the failed policies of the past."
"Failed policies of the past" describing a remark about the 1940s. Do we at last have an admission of Progressivism's failure?

CUV, amice.